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We've built a culture based on a set of guiding principles: Lean and Fast, Listening to Learn, Easy and Simple, Personal and Respectful, Integrity, Objectivity and Excellence. Our team is close-knit and have a passion for producing a great product. If you're interested in working in a fast-paced, dynamic environment, submit your resume today.

Mindpulley is looking for talented product designers to create a free virtual classroom for the world. Join us on our mission to provide a free world-class education for anyone, anywhere.
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First thing Mindpulley require is

As a good candidate for our design internship, you will have a portfolio with a string of successful projects that demonstrates strong skills in at least two of the following:

Product Designer ? Intern:

We also expect our designers to be building solid technical and production skills. You should have a set of tools that you love to use when designing, and you can show us how you've used them in the past to make great things. Oh, also, you're not afraid of code, and you've probably written some Javascript.

As a good candidate for our design internship, you will have a portfolio with a string of successful projects that demonstrates strong skills in at least two of the following:

  • Easily customizable solutions User Experience design
  • advanced website development User Interface design
  •  mobile friendly websites Graphic design
  • Excellent technical Support Navigation and information architecture
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Learning Lab Associate Teacher:

The Learning Lab is looking for associate teachers who are top-notch candidates with extensive experience working with children and who want to explore a career in progressive education. Successful candidates will develop valuable experience with highly effective educational methods.

Responsibilities of Associate Teachers:

  • affordable custom web development Good Work Good Salery
  • Seo friendly websites Punctual and reliable
  • CMS incorporated Knowledge About Framework
  • custom designing Excellent communication skills
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Be Unique:
A passion for designing engaging learning experiences, as well as a desire to change the world

Successful :
An ability to chew through difficult problems. You probably noticed this ability not long after you first sat down to design something. You leave a trail of successful projects in your wake.

Greater flexibility:
Great intuition for how users like to learn, and mastery of the subjects you took in online learning. You're not afraid of any integral, and can master any subject you put your mind to.

International Training :
Avail the opportunity to work on international training and consulting assignments

HOW TO APPLY Along with your resume, please include:
Your portfolio, or even better, living breathing projects that you've worked on and helped to succeed

What we expect:
You must have prior experience of imparting training corporate batches and open-house batches. You should possess good communication skills. You should be available to travel as and when needed

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