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Online Learning Solutions Specialists

Managed Training Services from Mindpulley are a suite of training processes designed to deliver more relevant training while optimizing the business impact of (and control over) training, so executives and educators can focus on their core businesses. Mindpulley has the connections, resources, and technology to deliver training when, where, and how it is needed, with a pool of industry experts in more than 30 countries and learning solutions delivered online.

You need design & development professionals that know online travel industry to its core and can create a powerful learning with all the features you need.

Strategic Assessments help Mindpulley clients solve business problems through targeted focus on achieving business results. Through these services, Mindpulley enables clients to better align learning with business results, systematically increase the impact of the solutions they produce, and provide world-class solutions to specific business needs. Our preliminary advisory services provide clients with Custom content Development service for more information.

Our Learning Content Methodology: Types of Custom Content

The Critical Mistake Analysis data is also directly linked to measurement of the solutionís success. As part of the analysis process, a value is assigned to each mistake, providing the parameters for sound, ROI-based measurement. Critical Mistake Analysis is an award winning methodology.

  • Sales Readiness
  • Process and Systems Rollout
  • Channel Education
  • New Employee On-boarding
  • Customer Education
  • Targeting Customer , students and employees
  • Assessment & Measurement
  • Computer- and Web-Based Training Development
  • Experience Based Learning/ Simulation-based courseware
  • Quality Learning Content Achieves Results
  • Custom Content Development
  • End-to-end solution or select services

In case client has something unique in mind in terms of design and development, Mindpulley team work as per furnished requirements and best practices.

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Advanced Training With Online Platforms

Our custom Roll-out Training Services and Solutions are available as discreet modules that can be packaged together depending on your specific needs. Most organizations face challenges in making their users successfully adapt new technologies and processes to perform well in their business environment.

In case you are thinking about something on the same lines, here are the features suggested by expert team of custom Course designers. We have worked on more than 20000+ Full HD Tutorials Custom Direct Deal System which works effectively and Mindpulley experts can customize it further to suit your Custom daily deal system.

Programmers for Corpotare Roll-out Solutions Advantages.

Whether it is change management, performance management or implementing new enterprise software, our roll-out training provides solutions for all. End-to-end solution or select services.

If yes, then, Online Learning platform must attend to following points;

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    Speed of Roll-out: Technology and process needs within the organisations are often finalized just-in-time. We help to address the need for a rapid development of content and training to a large audience quickly.

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    Optimised training time for each user.Cost effective simultaneous training delivery across locations in world.

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    Multi lingual and multiple currency support.

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    Confidence of stakeholders: We ensure that business stakeholders are convinced that their users are confident and skilled to start using new technologies and processes.

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    Change Management: We focus our training program to cover behavioral changes due to change in processes and practices. We provide cost-effective development methodology and delivery mechanism to our clients.

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    Effectiveness: Our programs create a balance between the speed of development and effectiveness of learning content.

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    2000+ Full HD Tutorials Quality Speak Itself.

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    Cost: Our operating model keeps the customerís business in mind by ensuring training as part of the overall project budget.

Our learning methodology is based on the principles of adult learning and has been developed with over a decade of research at Northwestern University. We leverage this robust methodology to develop role-based learning content.

Speak with Mindpulley team for best Content development package.
Mindpulley Solutions How Can We Help You?

As a market leader in e-Learning custom content development we combine our deep domain expertise with innovative technologies to design and deliver customized learning solutions that impact business performance through improved employee productivity, client profitability and effective competency development along with proving to be cost-effective. Our learning and development specialists have helped Fortune 500 companies design, develop and deliver thousands of hours of custom e-Learning content for students, employees, customers, and business partners.

Mindpulley has developed learning solutions for a wide range of business needs:

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  • Web-Based Training (WBT)
  • Course Creation in HTML5
  • Conversion of flash / XML courses in to HTML5
  • Creation of High-end Graphics and Flash Illustrations
  • Compliance Solutions: SCORM, AICC, and Section 508
  • Developing content using Rapid Authoring Tools
  • Mobile and Tablet Learning
  • Localization of National and International Languages
  • Instructional Designing / Script writing / Story Boarding
  • Instructor-led materials, participant manuals and end-user and quick start guides

We promise expert industry insights that will help you generate greater online training and flawless online presence.

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Business Training Programs Our comprehensive portfolio of training programs.

Our roll-out training solutions are aimed at corporates who have the need of enabling their employees to quickly learn and adapt new tools and approaches within their business environment.

Corporate Learning Solutions the client needs of training outsourcing.

Our custom content development methodology is based on Critical Mistakes Analysis (CMA) which help clients improve their core business by providing effective learning.

Managed Training Services (MTS) We Focus On Their Core Business

Managed Training Services from Mindpulley are a suite of training processes designed to deliver more relevant training while optimizing the business impact of (and control over) training, so executives and educators can focus on their core businesses.

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