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Stovie Food Solutions – Employee Training

About Company : Stovie Food Solutions is a food service manufacturer that also offers solutions that creates delicious, time-saving ingredients and provides ideas and inspiration to help businesses keep menus fresh and exciting. The company, which has been at the top of the Dow Jones Sustainability Index for 4 years running, delivers top-known brands such as Knorr, Hellmann’s, and Lipton to hotels, restaurants, businesses, schools, and independent operators in 9 countries. In addition to quality brands, Stovie Food Solutions support its customers with great service, market insights, and innovation.

Solution: Beverly uses Mindpulley to create multiple variants of courses aimed at the various specialized sales teams. There are around 172 active trainees, all of whom have used the program. Most training programs are geared toward new hires and range in focus from finance and marketing to culinary ideation and food safety.

Beverly also likes that Mindpulley: is easily accessible to the sales team when they are in the field, and that they’re able to go back and review materials at any time allows trainers to go back in and change a training program even after it’s been activated makes it easy to copy pieces of one course to create another that’s slightly different can be managed by several different people offers the ability to stagger training times.


Results: In about a year, Beverly has used Mindpulley to create five series with a total of about 11 courses. Stovie is now able to send training materials in advance and offer Q&A review sessions, which has resulted in training review calls dropping from 90 minutes in duration to 30 minutes. Employees are much happier with training since it saves them time and is easy to use.

“Mindpulley is a very user-friendly system for both the trainer and trainees. It can save you a lot of time.”

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