Why you should hire a Quality Learning Solutions?

Why hire Quality Learning Solutions? The answer is simple: We live in world centered on technology. Gone are the days when businesses could push around papers and call it a day. Today, people need to stay up to date with the latest technology and software to ensure your group has a solid web presence. This is why you should consider hiring a Quality Learning Solutions.

Our broad spectrum of learning solutions that addresses the client needs of training outsourcing

In a world of continually evolving technology, it is not easy for your IT workforce to keep pace with emerging technologies and continually develop knowledge and skills while balancing work pressure and deadlines. At Mindpulley, we understand what it takes to maintain the competitive advantage. We are committed to accelerating your success by ensuring that your workforce has the right blend of knowledge, skills and expertise through our suite of technology training courses. We offer the flexibility of training at a location of your choice with the advantage of shorter training cycles to improve your business productivity. Our classroom training courses range from quick refresher courses to in-depth training on advanced technologies. We have addressed the challenge of providing hi-end technology training by partnering with technology leaders like Cisco, IBM, Informatica and Salesforce amongst many others. The focus of our technology training program is to enable you to build a skilled and competent workforce that delivers business results by leveraging Mindpulley?s capabilities, expert accredited trainers and more than 9 years of extensive training experience.


Our roll-out training solutions are aimed at corporates where the need to adapt new technologies and approaches within the business environment is high. These training programs provide users confidence to quickly adapt to the changes and perform efficiently in real-time business environment. Whether it is change management, performance management or implementing new enterprise software, our roll-out training provides solutions for all.

Key challenges

Most organizations face challenges in making their users successfully adapt new technologies and processes to perform well in their business environment. Resistance from users. When an organisation decides to introduce technology or process means that users are expected to change? the way they currently perform certain tasks. Therefore, change management is a key component of technology or process introduction within the organization. The employees can feel more confident if the training scope includes behavioral change due to change in processes and practices. Technology introduction does not have desired business impact. It is often observed that enforcement of technology changes within the organization do not get the desired business results. Ensuring business impact requires identification of the key tasks and its workflow, the mistakes that the users are likely to perform while doing their tasks. Users should then be proactively trained to avoid such mistakes and improve their overall efficiency. Training model is not sustainable. Organisations find skill building interventions at the initial stage of roll-out easier than managing ongoing skill building for continuous enhanced usage of technology.

Having a Quality Learning Solutions will help your group stay organized. Investing in a project manager is smart if you want to make the most of your resources, stay up to date in this fast-moving world, and if you want to get a leg up on the competition.

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