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Behind every exam that measures whether a doctor is qualified, whether an architect has the right knowledge or whether an engineer is skilled, a rigorous test development process is used. Your tests are a promise, an assurance from your organization that those granted licensure or accreditation have met important standards. There is no shortcut to creating tests that are valid, reliable and fair. And that is the process of test development. Sound exams require a good plan, trained specialists and a significant investment of time and dollars.

Whether you are looking to develop reliable assessment strategies, rich test content or innovative processes, Mindpulley can help you achieve your objectives with our proven, comprehensive Test Development Solutions. Our experienced and globally diverse test development staff is able to meet the most challenging of testing requirements. Utilizing best-practices within the testing community, we can help you develop and maintain exams that comply with recognized professional standards domestically or internationally.

Our consultative approach and secure automated systems have earned us the reputation of being both measured and innovative. Depending on your unique requirements, we can work with you in any number of ways from updating or refresh existing exams to designing and building a new exam or entire exam program.

Our Technology: Proprietary, Secure, Customized, Flexible

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We have a talented technology staff who work exclusively on building software and applications that best serve the needs of our clients. In fact, client feedback and requirements are the single largest source of the input for the technology investments we make. And since our clients and candidates are the inspiration for our technological advancements,



Research- Learn before you Plan?

Through our experience, our test production and publishing phases can include everything from exam content design to selecting the ideal frequency of exam delivery and administration. As an industry leader, we have worked with hundreds of clients to define requirements and incorporate innovative formats to assure that every candidate is consistently assessed on a common set of knowledge, skills and abilities.

Through our extensive experience in the industry, we can help determine which test design is best suited for you based on your delivery requirements. The test design can incorporate innovative formats while assuring that every candidate is consistently assessed on a common set of knowledge, skills and abilities.

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Architecture Planning and User Experience Design ?

Mindpulley employs a highly accomplished team of psychometricians to develop and employ methodologies which ensure a high degree of confidence that test cut scores are properly assigned.

All work diligently to deliver exceptional customer service through every step of the exam process. Collectively, they possess decades of experience and knowledge that are passed to our clients for use and application in their exam programs.

Providing positive, personalized attention to our clients and test takers is one of our most important priorities. Every client is unique every organization has individual goals. We work with clients, as an extension of their team, to understand exactly who they are, what they need and what the goals of their program are. We then create a customized testing solution just for them.


Item creation and item review across platforms in the cloud environment-

My content Writer is the first in a family of automated workflow innovations being developed by Mindpulley to help test publishers bring their programs to market better, faster and at less cost.

By utilizing cloud computing technology, MyItemWriter enables your community of content experts to expand around the world. Your subject matter experts can engage in item writing anywhere, at any time. Write, review, annotate, approve and even add photos to items using an intuitive mobile interface that streamlines the test development process. As a test sponsor organization, you will find that MyItemWriter makes the item development and review process more efficient with a standard, automated workflow. You'll also find that it:

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Corporate Certification Testing-

Mindpulley corporate testing solutions cover a wide range of capabilities, from pre-employment testing and skills assessments to certification tests, such as those certifying professional food managers. Hiring the wrong person or an unqualified person for the job can be costly in terms of both time and money. Assessing the knowledge of employees, agents or vendors through certification testing in advance of hiring them can save you the time and money it would cost to possibly make the wrong decision.

Mindpulley is your one stop solution to all your Training, Testing and Certification needs.

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