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  • Usability Creating a simple & professional courses experience for learners

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  • Pricing Companies will charge you a similar amount, but deliver only a fraction of the content.

Mindpulley experts are known for creating courses that help career in multiplying short term profits and long term growth prospects.

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Our Online Learning Approach

Through individual, corporate, academic and government subscriptions, members have access to the lynda.com video library of engaging, top-quality courses taught by recognized industry experts.

We are concerned greatly about our products we create for the students and Professionals. Usefulness, ease-of-use, clearity and attention-to-detail are the core elements of all the content we present.

Whether you are in collage or in a company, our E-Learning product will help you in testing success. Expertise comes with small and systematic learning and Mindpulley holds your hands on your learning path and help you to perform well.

As a online education company we build our online courses that perfectly captures owner's imagination without compromising usability, update with functionality.

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In a nutshell, our experience helps you learn

We have 9 years experience teaching IT and more than 40,000 people have been trained by us. We have the highest quality courses and because of the amount of people we train, we are able to offer our courses at the best possible prices

Course Development

Developing Computer Based Training Courses

With powerful new tools like learning management systems, building online training courses is easy. In sounds contradictory, but the first step to developing an online course ? whether it?s for general education or specific training ? is to forget that it?s an online course. Technology may dictate the medium by which educational content is delivered, but it can?t help with the fundamentals. To put it another way: Before painting a masterpiece, you must first learn how to draw. Developing Online Training Courses ?www.mindpulley.in. Not every online course is going to be a masterpiece, but the spirit of that notion still applies. There are some choices to be made at the start, just as there would have been under the old model, that will at least partly dictate technological decisions down the line.

Let?s walk through some useful steps for creating a good online course.

IT Training

Design Online Courses that Keeps IT Professionals on the Cutting Edge

Information technology undergoes exciting changes on a regular basis, but that means IT professionals need to fight to stay on top of it all. An IT employee with outdated skills offers little value to your business. That doesn?t mean you have to clean house and hire a new team every two years! With online training, you can keep your staff on the cutting edge, and when you use Mindpulley for your online training, you can create a training program fast ? fast enough to keep up with technology!

Keep your IT employees within reach

Online Testing

Best Practices for Creating Online Tests and Quizzes

Testing can be a useful tool for online course designers, yet it?s one that tends to be underutilized. And with online learning systems, creating tests and quizzes is quite simple, so it?s definitely worth pursuing. Techniques for producing great online quizzes tend to fall into two broad categories, based on your overriding priority:

Enrich Your E-Learning and Training Courses With Brain Teasers ? and Track Your Trainees? Results

At Mindpulley, we’ve built our product and company on the same set of guiding principles. The rapid growth of the Internet in the 1990s served as the catalyst for what has become a massive and diverse e-learning industry today. Now with further advances in computer processing speeds and now mobile computing, a whole host of start-ups are helping tackle online education and training challenges through technology. In fact, a 2011 study by Ambient Insight found that the global market for e-learning products topped $30 billion in 2010, and estimated that it would grow to a nearly $50 billion industry by 2014.

In-house Business Solutions

What Distinguishes us from Other E-Learning Development Companies?

At Mindpulley we believe in exceeding expectations of our clients with enlightening designs and incomparable functionalities.


  • Easy And Simple

    Ease-of-use is the foundation of a great user experience. That means every feature must be intuitive, absolutely necessary, and streamlined for simplicity. As a company, it should be easy to do business with us straight forward communication, frictionless processes, and transparent business practices.

  • Listening To Learn

    Our product improves exponentially when we spend time with our users and listen to what they have to say. We keep channels of communication open to our users usability labs, our feedback forum, keeping an eye on Twitter.

  • Lean And Fast

    Both our product and development processes allow us to be nimble, responsive, and flexible. An Agile development team, a simple product architecture, and a mindset of ?constant improvement?.

  • Excellence

    We?re committed to building great products that help small businesses succeed. That means reliable, scalable, and bug-free tools that you can count on.

Every Course is unique and thus deserves specialized design development efforts from expert professionals.

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