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Custom Course Development Service Custom Course development is a perfect blend of creativity, innovation, and technology.

Customized Training Services occupies a leading position in the training of personnel for the small business sector and community organisations. Committed to all levels of training, the company brings to the field the latest techniques in flexible training, access to modern technology, and the expertise of professionally qualfied staff.

Mindpulley Provide custom Training for school, College, Universities and companies
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Want to set up an online Learning of your own?

First thing you would require is

Mindpulley has an expertise of working in custom trainingSome of our leading e-learning projects for you to have a look

Semester Deals:

With our semester deals portal we provide you an opportunity to start your own semesterly business. MindpulleyLMS is used by e-learning entrepreneurs to set up and run semester based Courses or bundle course.

Some of the advantages of using MindpulleyLMS:

  • Easily customizable solutions Easily customizable
  • advanced website development Rich functionality and advanced built in features
  •  mobile friendly websites Mobile friendly
  • Excellent technical Support Excellent Support
Check our Semester Deals System in detail.
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Mindpulley LMS:

Mindpulley has an unparalleled experience in delivering custom learning management system solutions that will empower you to kick start your online education.

Some of the advantages of using mindpulleyLMS:

  • affordable custom web development Highly affordable
  • Seo friendly websites 20000+ Full HD Tutorials
  • CMS incorporated Professional Courses
  • custom designing Custom Designs
Check our Learning Management System in detail.
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Student Training Management System:

Mindpulley is in the business of training, so we understand the entire process, from strategic assessments through learning administration and customer satisfaction. In this way, we can offer solutions that fit our clients needs.

Some advantages of using Managed Training Services (MTS):

  • Stay connected with all the departments
  • Increase your company's productivity by up to 100%.
  • Affordable price
  • Continuously updated with better features
Check our Managed Training Services (MTS) in detail.
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Mindpulley's expertise lies in developing custom courses that rank high on usability, creativity and functionality. Our in-house solutions for e-learning (MindpulleyLMS), daily deals (MindpulleyLMS) and training management (MTS) reflect our global stature.
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Are you looking to scale your students training to greater heights?

A fully custom e-learning solution from Mindpulley is what you need to expand your student education with the help of rightway online technique and achieve success. We specialize in developing completely customized course and lMS which give you an advantage of being unique and have functionalities which aid your growth.

One of the course developed by Mindpulley from scratch and is entirely customized is ZUGAYS.
With numerous e-learning available online it's difficult to get noticed. Get a completely customized online learning developed by Mindpulley to make sure your business stands out.
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We recommend you to go for customized custom development service. Here are a few reasons WHY

Be Unique:
Custom e-learning development gives you an advantage of being different from your competitors. If you use a template based website without any customization you might end up having a very generic website and there will be tons of website which look just like yours.

Pay only for what you need:
With custom website development you need to pay for only those functionalities which you actually need, unlike an open source package where you need to pay the entire amount even if you don't need majority of features.

Greater flexibility:
With custom designed courses you have the flexibility to make changes according to the changing business needs.

Scalability made possible:
In case of a custom developed courses you have a benefit of choosing the technologies on which you want your LMS to be developed, which later helps to scale your business and update your website for future business necessities.

Advanced scope of Creativity:
Custom e-learning development offers you the option of being creative and incorporates features that give you a distinct identity and serves the purpose of the existence of your website as well.

Manage your website easily:
With a LMS, updating it might not be that easy. You might require a web developer to update your websites and make changes to it. But with custom solutions maintaining a website is not a difficult task.

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INDIA's Most Lovable E-Learning Brand

Mindpulley is the biggest e-learning brand in india and is now also running successfully in all over world.

Mindpulley developed this Customized courses from a scratch that is user friendly, rich in user experience, and has unique features like a live stock meter, career management

Get an insight into the process that we follow for custom e-learning development:


Quality Learning Content Achieves Results

Exceptional training programs start with quality content. The information you deliver is just as critical as how you deliver it. As every organization is different, so too are the unique needs of its learners. Some benefit more from instructor-led training, while other, more dispersed organizations require the flexibility of web-based training. Each organization will also have unique needs in terms of the subjects that training must cover.


Our Learning Content Methodology

A key process in identifying and prioritizing training needs is the Critical Mistake Analysis methodology. This process leads to training that efficiently targets demonstrated business needs. Using a variant of Pareto Analysis (80/20 Rule), Critical Mistake Analysis identifies, classifies and prioritizes those crucial behaviors and mistakes that most impair performance in ways that matter to the business. Based on this analysis, we design real-world based training experiences that directly address these costly mistakes, rapidly delivering to learners a level of experience that would otherwise take years to accumulate.


Types of Custom Content

Learning Content development services are steeped in instructional design best practices, and a rigorous process that leads to superior courses delivered against predictable timelines.


Testing & Delivery

Once the e-learning product is ready it is uploaded on our servers for the clients to see and inform if they wish to change any segment of it. This phase also consists of identifying bugs and removing them. After the testing is over all the files are handed over to the client according to the chosen delivery format


Technical Support

At Mindpulley we offer 1 year of FREE Technical Assistance to all our clients and we take care of the bugs and errors if any found for no cost. This support is available as long as some other person/developer/designer/hacker/bot/application does not edit our delivered files.

We also offer affordable online training packages if you wish to take our services after one year too.

To keep you updated throughout the development process and correct anything you don't approve of, we keep uploading work-in-progress on our local servers.

Being an experienced website development company, we know the value of your time and thus take every possible step to speed up the development process.

Get a professional and affordable online content developed from the experts in the industry

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