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Mindpulley is trusted globally for online education & content development outsourcing by global businesses, entrepreneurs and even LMS providers with additional projects. Our 9 years of industry experience & 20000+ FUll HD tutorial successful training give us edge over our competitors.

Benefits of Online Education & Development Outsourcing

Get access to global experts

Enough time to focus on core competence

Big savings in terms of time & money

No need add extra work force

New perspectives & ideas from experts

  • Outsourcing Challenges

    Mindpulley is the answer

  • Outsourcing Challenges

    Reliability & trust factor

    Mindpulley is the answer

    We have decade long industry experience and have over 20000+ Full HD tutorial to our credit.

  • Outsourcing Challenges

    Mismatch in understanding project requirements and expectations

    Mindpulley is the answer

    After multiple rounds of discussions, we prepare project scope document covering all the important details. We commence work only after client approves this doc.

  • Outsourcing Challenges

    Isolation from development process

    Mindpulley is the answer

    You will be an active member of our company?s project management system & will receive regular project updates

  • Outsourcing Challenges

    Lack of communication channels

    Mindpulley is the answer

    Our team always looks forward to discuss & address client issues. You can mail or call us. We also promise prompt response on live chat and video chat.

  • Outsourcing Challenges

    Confidentiality issues related to outsourcing

    Mindpulley is the answer

    All company & project details are kept strictly confidential. We will be legally bound by non-disclosure agreement & morally bounded by company principles.

Testimonials from Offshore Quality & Content learners

  • Ohans Shrist learner

    Good fast pace and relevant examples. Very helpful trainer. The training will speed up major tasks and useful day to day.

    We highly recommend Mindpulley for online learning and online examination.

    Great Job Team!
  • Arun Bansal learner

    The trainer was excellent, made a difficult topic interactive, enjoyable and easy to understand. I learned a lot more than anticipated.

    Every person who worked on the project was strict professional and star performer.

    Great Job Team!
  • Parmod Kilani Developer

    There is a reason we keep coming back our productivity increases substantially after every course.

    I am extremely proud of what we created. You have always gone above and beyond for me.

    Great Job Team!

Why Outsourcing Learning Management System to Mindpulley Guarantees Online Success?

We are in an industry where service provider's capability is judged from client's success. By deploying Mindpulley LMS, you will be ready to perform your operational tasks Day-1, rest will be managed by Mindpulley. Mindpulley experts invest their experience and knowhow in creating elearning solutions that are not just ready for today but also scalable and geared for tomorrow.

Mindpulley LMS is an industry-trusted Learning Management System. It offers a host of features and functionalities for effective management of blended learning in institutes and organizations. At Mindpulley, we understand the importance of selecting the right Learning Management System - one that has abundant of features, helps manage learning better, and more importantly, one that fits your enterprise's unique needs. The Mindpulley LMS comes with a unique social learning framework & Content Authoring Features.With Mindpulley LMS, you can create your own instructionally sound, visually appealing, interactive courses quickly and easily. Seamless integration with Mindpulley LMS ensures that the entire process from course creation to delivery to the right users is transparent and automated.
Our design and development experts have also Corporate training for university and colleges

Course Development

Developing Computer Based Training Courses

With powerful new tools like learning management systems, building online training courses is easy. In sounds contradictory, but the first step to developing an online course whether it's for general education or specific training is to forget that it's an online course. Technology may dictate the medium by which educational content is delivered, but it can't help with the fundamentals. To put it another way: Before painting a masterpiece, you must first learn how to draw. Developing Online Training Courses www.mindpulley.in. Not every online course is going to be a masterpiece, but the spirit of that notion still applies. There are some choices to be made at the start, just as there would have been under the old model, that will at least partly dictate technological decisions down the line.

IT Training

Design Online Courses that Keeps IT Professionals on the Cutting Edge

Information technology undergoes exciting changes on a regular basis, but that means IT professionals need to fight to stay on top of it all. An IT employee with outdated skills offers little value to your business. That doesn't mean you have to clean house and hire a new team every two years! With online training, you can keep your staff on the cutting edge, and when you use Mindpulley for your online training, you can create a training program fast and fast enough to keep up with technology!

Keep your IT employees within reach

Online Testing

Best Practices for Creating Online Tests and Quizzes

Testing can be a useful tool for online course designers, yet it's one that tends to be underutilized. And with online learning systems, creating tests and quizzes is quite simple, so it's definitely worth pursuing. Techniques for producing great online quizzes tend to fall into two broad categories, based on your overriding priority:

Enrich Your E-Learning and Training Courses With Brain Teasers and Track Your Trainees Results

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Our expertise goes beyond courses design & development. In case you already have a training meterial but are not happy with its online training, we have a vast range of affordable services that will help you in change the training meterial , increasing sales & improving brand presence.

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